Product photography – FAQs

Who do you shoot for?

Along with my travel and food photography as a journalist, I create photos for independent designers and makers and interior pages. I’m a lover of good design, and a believer that handmade is well made.


How do you describe your photography style?

I like simple, understated photography, using natural light wherever possible. The aim is to create beautiful, evocative images with simple styling, that make your products shine.

Your products are unique, so, other than that, the overall look will vary as it’s your brand image that matters.


How will you know what ‘look’ I want – especially if I’m not sure?

Whether you have an established brand image that’s working for you, you’re starting from fresh, or need a refresh, I’ll work with you to get the look you desire.

I’ll set up a mood-board that we can both add to, and over Skype or tea, we’ll chat through the different examples, as well what purpose the images need to serve, in order to find a style you love and that screams ‘you’.


What’s the investment?

The usual investment is for a full day of styling and shooting, which is £400.

Wrapped up in that is all the preparations, including mood-boards, sourcing props and any test shots, and also all the editing. This is in addition to the actual shoot but charged as one price to keep it simple.

Get in touch for a bespoke quote, as depending on your requirements this may of course vary, for example, half a day may be required, or you may want a larger, or on-location shoot.

Without a doubt the photos have propelled how much I’ve got noticed. I love how my website now looks, and the bottom line is orders are up!

– Alice Duck, Duck Ceramics


Where are you based?

I’m based in Brighton, UK. If you’re local we can meet up in person or you can drop your products off at my studio. If you’re further afield you can use my ‘send and shoot’ service, and we can chat by phone or Skype beforehand.

How many products or photos fit in to one day?

This depends on the products and the different types of shots needed. For example, a range or type of product may be shot in a very similar way, so more can be covered in a day. An initial chat will help us both work out what’s what, with absolutely no pressure to book.

For each product, I’ll provide a few different images, so you can pick your favourites and it means you’ll also have different angles for your shop, and a variety for social media.


Who sources the props?

I have an extensive range of props and backdrops. If you have existing props please package them along with your products.
If new props are required I will research these, and make a recommendation to you of what to source if they are exclusively for your shoot, or source them myself if they can be added to my prop collection. For most shoots I source any perishables, flowers, food etc if required, at no extra cost.


Do you do studio shots?

The shoots usually take place in my studio, and sometimes on-location. If by studio shots you mean pictures on a plain background only, or ‘cut-out’ shots, this is something I don’t offer. While I recognise these types of shots serve a purpose, my skill and passion is the for the more interesting styled shots.


What format do you deliver in, and how?

I will upload your photos to a password protected online gallery.
These will be the ready to use jpegs. Your final images will be sized for web and print, resized to the dimension/s you require – ready for uploading to your website and online shop and sending to magazines etc!


How do I book?

Phone or email me, tell me about your products, and what you need the photos for and we’ll take it from there! I’ll ask you some questions, and guide you through the process in a bit more detail so you know what to expect, and at the end of it, you’ll have a unique set of images ready to show off!

If there’s anything else you want to ask, drop me a line with your questions!